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Lemon Demon and Nostalgia of the Digital Native

I used to have a major obsession with all things Neil Cicierega. As most of my interests do, it fizzled out slightly but I've recently been diving back in with a new perspective. One thing that I noticed was how his projects as Lemon Demon are centered around nostalgia. I do not recall if he stated this himself, someone else said it, or I made it up on my own but this idea has been on my mind for a while. But in that same thought comes the fact that his nostalgia and the one I (and probably other fans) connect with is completely different to past generations. Although Neil is older than I am, his nostalgia of old web and media is very relatable.

This theme of nostalgia is most apparent in Spirit Phone. I feel that Cabinet Man is a prime example of this on many levels. Firstly in the lyrics of the song in which obsolete tech is a focus. Secondly the subject of the song itself in real life is Polybius an urban legend with online noteriety. This state of being fits with Neil presence as well.

Neil Cicierega is by no means an underground creator. He has a fairly large fanbase and lots of recognition in online communities. But that's where the line is. If you walked up to a random person on the street they would most likely have no clue who this Neil fellow is let alone what he does. I think his cult following is very suitable in relationship with his body of work.